When a passenger gets to this airport, he/she will need transport to move around. There are many ways to arrive and come from University Park Airport. The passenger can find any prices of these services. Those prices are different as they are given according to the type of transportation. It depends on the passenger's time, budget, and preferences.

Public Transportation Service at ONT

This college helps a passenger to move around easily. It provides public transportation. There is the Centre Area Transit Authority, as known as the CATA bus service. Their service works on campus and even out from state college. If a passenger wants to check their routes and as well as schedule, they can check their website.

Other services are The LOOP and the LINK, which are free, and they operate around Penn State Campus and, furthermore, downtown state college. Passengers can move to Bellefonte and additional Pleasant Gap. The passenger must consider a single fare of the travel. It does not matter how long it is. It is $1,75.

Taxi Service at UNV

Taxi Service and waiting areas are available outside of each terminal. Also, passengers can find a taxi dispatcher with a list of taxi rates and fares.

The average rate per mile, according to the Taxi Meter Basis, is 2.50$. Taxi companies operating at Ontario International Airport are: Bell Cab Co (Contact Information: (800) 340-8294) and Yellow Cab Co (Contact Information: (909) 622 1313).

If a passenger wants to have a taxi when he/she arrives at the airport, he/she must take into consideration that there is a different rule, they can be called even a specific location. There are an opportunity Taxis to be found at the bus stations. If a passenger wants to find a taxi, they can call any number indicated below. The operator will help the passenger to get exact information about the average time of pick-up, it is usually 10-20 minutes, but there are exceptions such as weekends during the semester, and even weekends, where there are football games, graduation, or arts fest. Numbers are AA Taxi, Inc. (814) 231-8294, Golden Taxi (814) 867-2644, Handy Delivery Taxi (814) 355-5555, Nittany Express (814) 867-4647