University Park Airport, UNV, has one public terminal, which is open all day. However, if a passenger gets there after midnight, he/she must call 814-800-7258, and there will be night airport attendant, who will help them.

Before departure, passengers can relax in a comfortable terminal, where he/she can enjoy coffee and tea, there is a proper kitchen, as well as TV, wireless internet. There are reading materials, leather chairs. If a passenger has a meeting, he can use conference rooms, which are two there. As for customer service, they are available to help passengers in everything.

Even though this terminal was small in the beginning., the authorities designed it to be prepared to adjust the future increase, it happened, and now this airport is the 6th busiest airport in this area.

If a passenger has to stay at this airport, there are State College's luxurious hotels. There can be negotiated rates that help a passenger to save their money. Passengers are advised to arrange their hotel beforehand; they have to call 814-865-4042, or they can fax to 814-865-5827.