At University Park Airport, there are different types of parking lots with various price ranges. Even though this airport was not big at first, now the capacity of this airport increased, they had to increase their parking functions as well.

Due to this, they have two parking lots. There is no doubt, both of them are important, but the main parking lot is when the passenger enters from Fox Hill Rd, they must turn left. This parking lot can be found in two ways, as there are two entrances. One of them is when the passenger enters and turns left, another one is placed when the passenger passes the terminal building.

When a passenger has to park their car, they must consider that for the second parking lot, they can pay only by Credit Card. This parking lot is located on the right when the passenger enters from Fox Hill Rd.

As there are passengers who need short-term parking and some of them may need long-term parking, this service is provided there.

Due to the fact that this airport increased and it had to provide service for many more passengers, the authorities had to increase the number of a parking lot. They did this. They built a parking lot at 2192 High Tech Road, including 220 surface parking places to provide this service. This allows parking for the passengers, as well as parking for car rental agencies. They can be easily found there as well.

Payment method

As for the payment method, a passenger can pay by cash in the left-lane, but if they do not want to use this service, they can pay by credit card machine, which is located in the right-hand lane, when the passenger exits.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot at University Park International Airport

Passengers can find the Cell Phone Waiting Lot, which is located while you enter the airport. Parking is free of charge, but drivers must stay with their cars, it is accessible only when passengers are dropped off or picked up. The traveler must know to stay with his/her car until the luggage is picked. Another way for customers is the Preferred Parking Lot. In this case, the first thirty minutes are free.