Airport Services

Irving’s cafe at UNV

If a flight delay or a passenger has a lot of time, they can enjoy their time and visit Irving's cafe. Their menu is quite impressive, as they have sandwiches, soft drinks, snacks, beer, liquor, wine, travel necessities if a passenger wants them.

ATM Banking at UNV

ATMs are a very important part of every passenger’s life. This airport considers this, and there are those services, which are managed by First National Bank. They can be found in the terminal near Irving’s cafe.

UNV Hydration Stations

Passengers must take into consideration that water bottles are not permitted when they are checked. After a passenger passes those security checkpoints, they can find water filling stations, which are located inside the departure lounge, and there is a water fountain.

UNV Baggage Scales

Extra charges for overweight luggage are what every passenger wants to avoid. Courtesy airline scales are easy to be used by the passenger in order to prevent those extra charges.